Case Study:
In June 2011, the City of Austin Police Department (APD) implemented the InformaOne system. APD needed a single solution that ensured officers were fully compliant with the complex training requirements mandated by both the organization and the state regulators.
APD had a large volume of video content that needed to be delivered online. Informa Systems used the online course authoring tool enabling these videos to be uploaded and delivered as online learning courses.
APD uses a blended learning approach so all the online content was linked to the classroom training with pre-requisites. Plus, APD needed the ability to specify resources such as projectors and facilities and to apply these to the classroom scheduling – thus consolidating and simplifying a complex process.
InformaOne allows the training manager to schedule classes over repeated periods, such as daily, weekly or monthly – a significant time-saver for classes that are often on repetitive schedules.
APD required the ability to manage and track the onboarding of individual officers, using the Field Training Officer (FTO) model where daily, weekly and monthly reports are created. Supervisors are able to sign-off these tasks in the field.
For APD, a very complex learning process that had many strands, is now incorporated in a single unified system, and managed using the process flow paradigm of InformaOne.
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