Case Study:
The City of Irving
The City of Irving implemented the InformaOne e-Learning platform as a hosted solution, to provide training to all 2,000 of the City's employees. Irving required the system to control, manage and streamline the training and certification process.
One of the main challenges was the importation of legacy data, in this case going back over 15 years. The legacy data was stored in a number of sources including Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and an existing SQL database. Student records, classes, transcripts and certifications were mapped to the new schema using the InformaImport tool – available as part of the InformaOne solution.
Irving uses a blended learning approach which offers students the benefits of the face-to-face classroom training experience as well as the flexibility and convenience of online courses.
Irving has been using the system for just over 5 years and has created over 100 online courses and delivered over 100,000 online learning events. Importantly, Irving has delivered significant cost savings by migrating many of the training activities to the InformaOne platform.