Case Study:
Harris County Constable's Office (HCCO) Pct 5 implemented the InformaOne e-Learning platform as a hosted solution to provide training to all of Pct 5 constables. HCCO required the system to control, manage and streamline the Field and in-service Training.
One of the main challenges was the need to manage a public calendar. InformaOne provides a public calendar that allows the registration of new students and also seperate external content available to the public, from internal content availabe to constables.
HCCO also uses the integrated FTO module to manage field training and their daily, monthly, and weekly reports, including complex checklist reports. In this way, HCCO utilizes a system that supports all training management within the organization from FTO to in-service.
HCCO Precinct 5 can be reached at HCCO Precinct 5.