Case Study:
The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) is dedicated to educate, train, and evaluate law enforcement officers; as well as regulate statewide training academies and mandated programs; to ensure that all state certification requirements are met.
Informa Systems successfully implemented the InformaOne system and provided numerous additional customizations such as an online testing module to replace the paper-based testing. The testing module was designed to be taken on Chromebooks which greatly facilitated its adoption in an Academy setting. The testing module also supports useful reports such as missed questions, allowing greatly enhanced feedback to be provided to the Instructor.
Informa Systems successfully implemented the project within the original budget.
For NLETC they have transitioned from an internal system to a hosted secure web-based application built on an industrial strength MS SQL server database. The system has had an enormous impact on the operations of the academy and has replaced many paperwork operations with a streamlined online version. This has also allowed NLETC to improve their efficiency and their green credentials by reducing paper use across the Academy.
The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center can be accessed here at NLETC.