Case Study:
In June 2022, Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy (NVCJA) implemented the InformaTest system. NVCJA needed a software solution for their Academy Testing. Prior to the InformaTest implementation the Academy was using scantron sheets - this was time consuming since it typically took 2 hours to collate the results from a test. This did not provide timely feedback for the Students and Instructors so that they could indentify and remedy learning deficiencies. NVCJA recognized that they needed an alternative approach.
NVCJA examined commercial Testing system, but they decided that these were not well suited to the high compliance Law Enforcement (LE) requirements. For example, NVCJA required that every Question should be linked to a State Learning Objectices and that these should be reportable. The system also needed to be able to Categorize the questions according to their subject areas - such as Crimes, Legal, Patrol etc and all the transcripts must be presented by subject area. This ensured that new recruits were profieient in all of the required subject areas.
A second requirement for NVCJA was the need to identify missed questions on an exam. The InformaTest software has a series of reports to identify missed question, collectively in an Exam and also by student. This enables Instructors to very quickly identify topics that need to be addressed.
Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy can be reached at NVCJA