Case Study:
Fort Worth Police Department
Fort Worth PD (FWPD) required a Learning tracking and management system to replace their existing system that was not considered fit for purpose. This system is used to track and manage the training for all of the LE officers within FWPD – and uses a chain-of-command methodology where Supervisors sign off on the requested training.
FWPD implemented the InformaOne solution to streamline this process and also to implement supervisor directed learning throughout the agency.
FWPD had a complex request and approval process for training management. Requests and approvals required email chains and this highlighted the need to make this process streamlined and efficient. Using the Process Flow Manager, Informa Systems was able to provide an efficient, streamlined request and approval process.
Much of the training performed by FWPD was compliance based and was driven by state and city mandates.
By implementing the InformaOne solution, FWPD has moved from a paper and email based system – with no audit trail – to a totally managed process-drive solution that provides the ability to track and manage all aspect of the training, audit trail and compliance
For FWPD, a very complex learning process, that had many strands, is now incorporated in a single unified system, and managed using the process flow paradigm of InformaOne.