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InformaOne: Integrated Learning and Records Management System

Being an accountable government agency requires:

  • Keeping your employees’ training and certifications up to date.

  • Using limited government resources well.

  • InformaOne offers the solution – a complete training, certification and records management tool.

  • Having the tools to comply with stringent audit requirements.

InformaOne provides the complete solution

InformaOne offers a complete learning and records management system which handles everything from training and certifications to classroom and records management

Track ALL Training and Certifications

  • Track all on-demand, live and classroom based training.

  • Easily ensure all qualification and certifications are up to date and notify employees or supervisors of expiration.

  • Powerful reporting tool allows you to quickly check if any employees are non-compliant.

Certification and licensing can be complex to manage, but with InformaOne we do it all

Tracks all expired certifications and notifies employees and supervisors

InformaOne is Loaded with Tools to Help You Run Your Government Agency

Curricula and calendars can be created with the click of a button
Automated scheduling allows you to schedule around instructor and venue availability
Seamlessly handle multi-level approval and sign-offs for different roles and notify students and manager of scheduling via email

Centralized Record Keeping

  • Keep track of all employees’ details, training and qualifications from their hire date.

  • InformaOne creates a single centralized record of all employee activity, from prior employment, to transcripts, qualifications and certifications.

  • Ensure that all employees’ are fully compliant with training, policies and certifications.

Secure System Ensures Compliance

  • InformaOne allows you to manage all certification requirements including the ability to complete tasks, training, sign-offs and the request and approve cycle.

  • InformaOne features automatic notifications of pending expirations for employees’ and supervisors and a pathway for expired certifications to be recertified.

  • Secure web-based platform for 24/7 access using fully encrypted database.

Totally Integrated

InformaOne tracks all aspects of an employee's learning from the date they begin employment.The system can deliver on-demand, live and classroom training, and can track certifications, policies and learning.State and local government agencies can ensure all their employees are fully compliant with their training, policies or certifications.

Centralize Records

InformaOne helps state and local government agencies centralize their record keeping.Create a single centralized record of all employee activity, from prior employment, to transcripts, qualifications and certifications.Deliver reports in Excel, PDF or other formats and create custom reports or certificates.

Manage Learning

InformaOne has a powerful learning management system for tracking and managing training and the accompanying records.Easily distribute courses over the Internet to enhance and support classroom learning.Training administrators can distribute and manage their learning – whether classroom, online or virtual.

Enrollment with Approval

Managing enrollment can be complex, particularly for state and local government, where each enrollment step requires approval and sign-off.With InformaOne, multi-level approval can be added, and different roles can be assigned at each step.The enrollment is tightly bound to email notifications which notify enrollees and managers of schedules and any changes. InformaOne handles this seamlessly.

Complex Scheduling

InformaOne offers the ability to create complex calendars filtered by classroom, instructors or courses.Additionally, you can block instructor time and add state vacations to the calendar.Classes can also be scheduled and rostered directly from the calendar.


InformaOne has a flexible and powerful certification tool that manages all your certification needs.Add requirements to certifications such as the ability to complete tasks, training, sign-offs and the request and approve cycle.Apply roles to certifications so all team members only perform their designated tasks.Provide notifications so that employees and managers are notified of pending expirations.