One Solution

So you can focus on delivering a great Learning Experience

You are busy serving your community

  • The ability of law enforcement personnel to serve their community well is based on their training.

  • Many academies rely on paper-based training and record management, holding law enforcement officers back from what they do best.

  • InformaOne offers the solution for your agency – a complete training, certification and records management tool.

InformaOne ensures that you are ready when duty calls

The Complete Solution for Your Academy - InformaOne

  • Tracks all expired certifications and notifies personnel and chain of command.

  • Track all aspects of an officer’s learning from the day they enter the academy.

  • Maintain all officer activity in a single centralized record.

  • InformaOne offers the solution for your agency – a complete training, certification and records management tool.

Certification is extremely challenging to manage, but with InformaOne we do it all

InformaOne is Loaded with Tools to Help You Run Your Academy

Firearms Tracking and Certification allows you to generate reports to show compliance and notifications for everyone including the chain of command
Ensure 100% compliance with agency policies and procedures
Automated scheduling allows you to schedule around instructor and venue availability making your job a lot easier

Secure System Ensures Compliance

  • Tracks all certifications and notifies personnel and chain of command about expirations to help ensure compliance

  • Offers a pathway for expired certifications to be recertified

  • Secure web-based platform for 24/7 access using fully encrypted database

Totally Integrated

InformaOne tracks all aspects of an officer's learning from the date they enter the academy. The system can deliver on-demand, live and classroom training, and can track FTO, certifications, policies and learning. Agencies can ensure all their officers are fully compliant with their training, policies or certifications.

Centralize Records

InformaOne helps law enforcement agencies centralize their record keeping. Create a single centralized record of all officer activity, from prior employment, to transcripts, weapons qualifications and certifications. Deliver reports in Excel, PDF or other formats and create custom reports or certificates.

Manage Learning

InformaOne has a powerful learning management system for tracking and managing training and the accompanying records. Easily distribute courses over the Internet to enhance and support classroom learning. Training administrators can distribute and manage their learning – whether classroom, online or virtual.

Firearms Tracking and Certification

Training administrators can easily track firearms qualifications. Reports can be generated to show which officers are non-compliant and can be accessed at different organizational levels. Email reminders can also be generated to alter the qualification status of both officers and supervisors.

Field Officer Training

The Field Training Officer (FTO) component in InformaOne addresses the need to document and manage the FTO process. FTOs are required to maintain a checklist, write daily observation reports, End-of-Phase Reports and many other reports. The Officer in Training (OIT) is also required to fill out evaluations on their respective FTO. All of this is tracked for the FTO and the supervisor and is totally customizable – change the rating, dimensions, reports, sign-off and practically anything else.


Ensuring officers are fully compliant with agency policies and procedures is critical – particularly if there is a use-of-force incident or other agency need. InformaOne provides the tools to ensure 100% compliance. When the officers take the policy their actions and sign-offs are recorded. Compliance reports can be run to identify officers who are non-compliant and remedial action can be taken. Furthermore, all versions of the policies are recorded and retained – so there is no question of what the officer signed.