Comprehensive Records Management
With InformaOne all student records are managed and stored. Administrators can add, delete or modify students and track the current status of all students, including student transcripts, history, skills, and certifications.
Designed for Public Safety
Most commercial Learning Management Systems (LMS) in use are NOT suitable for Public Safety. InformaOne supports Public Safety from the ground-up. Student records, transcripts, skills, certificates, rostering, testing and FTO, have all been built for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS.
Proven and Supported
InformaOne has been in use for over 20 years - so you can be assured that the system is proven. Furthermore, the system is built on Microsoft's .NET technology with an industrial strength SQL server database. Security is assured by compliance with NIST standards.
Reports for Public Safety
The system has over 100 standard reports that are Public Safety centric, including transcripts, activity and compliance. Furthermore the system enables custom SQL reports to be created.

Records Management

With InformaOne you can store all records associated with a student. Link custom reports to records and deliver reports by role (such as instructors, supervisors, report managers etc) so, for example, supervisors know upcoming schedules etc. You can create custom FOI reports in seconds. InformaOne can track and register equipment associated with every student, including type and serial number. You can view and modify the current status of all students, such as active, leave, suspended etc and the skills for each student. Record the employment history of students including reason for termination and view and record transcripts for live and online learning such as CEU’s, score and passing grade. With InformaOne everything is recorded.

Detailed Role Management

InformaOne has the ability to organize students by department and/or supervisor using role-based logins with the ability to assign permissions for multiple roles, such as administrator, trainer, instructor, training coordinators, supervisors or students. Assign content by role so logins can manage only their assigned content. InformaOne also supports instructor logins where the instructors can login and review their classes. Supervisor login is also supported where supervisors can see the upcoming schedules of their reports. There are over 300 permissions associated with each role, that allows very fine control over role functions.

Course and Policy Catalog

With InformaOne you can maintain and display a course catalog that includes live and online courses. InformaOne provides the ability to create a live course and to add and upload online courses. Online courses support interoperability, to enable external courses to be played and tracked. InformaOne also supports revisions that allows all the previous revisions to be saved. For live courses the course roster can be set (for say classroom and firearm courses) and used as default when scheduling a live class. Prerequisites can be assigned to online or live courses to include both online or classroom training.

Curriculum Management

Create curricula by associating current available courses in a curriculum. With InformaOne you can create curriculum fields such as name, code description and CEU/Hours. Curriculum courses can be structured as sequenced and non-sequenced. Enrolling in a curriculum will automatically enroll the students in all courses in the curriculum and as a sequenced course is completed the next course in the sequence will be made available to the student. Furthermore InformaOne allows live curriculum to be created that consists of all live classroom training, such as a basic academy curriculum.

Calendar Management

InformaOne provides a calendar view displaying live training schedule, by month view, week view or by day view. The calendar can be filtered by course or by instructor. InformaOne also provides the ability to schedule live training and to view training by course in each classroom. Classroom inventory can be added for live training, with a default classroom size and the ability to override this classroom size. Record class grades, and set up custom rosters with the ability to provide roster of class attendees and export the class schedule to Outlook calendar. InformaOne also manages classroom logistics such as rooms, projectors and equipment. InformaOne also manages instructor conflicts and instructor vacations.

Class Enrollment

Enroll students in an online or scheduled classroom course, curriculum, development plans and create open or administrator enrolled courses that allow students to self-register. Allow partial open enrollment that allows enrollment to all, or by job title and/or organization level. InformaOne supports customized enrollment e-mails with mail merge fields. Enrollment can be setup for supervisor approval and enrollment requests are routed to managers for approval. Allow individual number of attempts for each enrolled course. InformaOne also supports development plans for students where the development plan can consist of mandatory and optional courses to meet learning objectives.

Detailed Reporting Available

InformaOne has a slew of reports covering every aspect of the student's activity. Starting with the student details covering employment history, education, status and assignments. Activity reports cover online and live transcrpts and also non-compliance by course, organization or student. Report on class attendance, and identify no-shows. Track instructor hours for their certification. InformaOne's compliance reports show compliance and non-compliance and allow filtering by fields such organization, job title, classroom, course name and student. For non-standard reports InformaOne supports custom reports.

Exams and Testing

Create simple exams with multiple choice questions, True/False or text entry. Link exam questions to learning objectives. Allow exams to be scored immediately or later. InformaOne supports role-based management so instructors can create exams and access questions based on their role permissions. Also create printable exams for students and instructors with answer keys, question heading and learning objectives. InformaOne allows questions to be delivered as randomized, per student or per list. InformaOne also supports post examination analysis where exam questions can be excluded post-test and the exam can be re-scored automatically.


InformaOne allows custom certificates to be delivered to students after course completion and can require an optional supervisor/instructor/training coordinator sign-off for issue. E-mail notifications can be sent to the student when their certificate expires. InformaOne also provides bulk issue of certificates by student, course or organization, and provides automated certificate generation once a student has completed and/or passed an assessment or training course.

Field Training Officer

The Field Training Officer (FTO) component in InformaOne addresses the need to document and manage the FTO process. InformaOne allow FTOs to maintain a checklist, write daily observation reports, End-of-Phase Reports and others such as detailed task lists for student in training with sign-off. Provide multiple chain of command review for each task — that can be customized as needed. With InformaOne the Officer in Training (OIT) can complete and fill out evaluations on their respective FTO. All of this is tracked for the FTO and the supervisor and is totally customizable – change the rating, dimensions, reports, sign-off and practically anything else.

Version Control

All important content in InformaOne is under version control. For training content, such as live or online courses, all changes are versioned and the transcripts link to the content and the content version, and therefore are auditable. For exams, InformaOne keeps track of the latest updates and additions with version control. This is vital to to ensure certification exams is compliant with State or Federal updates, plus you have an auditable record of exactly what questions the student answered.

Reliable and Proven

InformaOne is hosted on a secure web based platform ensuring 24/7 access and uses an industrial strength SQL Server database so you can relax knowing your vital data is safe. Informa Systems has been working with sensitive date for more than 15 years and we invest heavily in data security, system back-ups and regular updates to our systems to ensure all software is current and patched. Informa provides server performance measures to customers together with service level agreements with guaranteed uptime. All training materials and data generated by the customer and/or its employees are the exclusive property rights of the Customer.

Audit Features

InformaOne is designed so that all data is saved with a date and user stamp when first created and also when modified. All actions performed by users (such as add, modify or delete) are also recorded so that audit trails are available. Audit reports are available for all the critical functions such as student records update, class scheduling or student enrollment in a class. For exams, every mouse click (including do-overs) is recorded for full audit tracking and audit reports are available showing every action performed by the student as they take the exam.