Read about our succesful implementations
  • Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy Case Study
    The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy (NVCJA) implemented InformaTest to replace their manual Academy testing. Their major problem was the delay and time-consuming nature of their existing Scantron testing where the Instructor did not obtain feedback such as missed questions until the following day. With InformaTest the Instructor obtains immediate feedback for Scores, Missed Questions and Exam Analysis and the Student can see their grades and print their Transcripts. Creating Exams is a breeze, using the exam creation tool.
  • Harris County Constable's Office (HCCO)
    Harris County Constable's Office (HCCO) Pct 5 implemented the InformaOne platform as a hosted solution to manage training for all of Pct 5 constables. HCCO required the system to control, manage and streamline the Field and in-service Training. One of the main challenges was the need to manage a public calendar. InformaOne provides a public calendar that allows the registration of new students and one of the key driver was the need to seperate external content available to the public, from internal content available to constables.
  • Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center
    Informa Systems successfully implemented the InformaOne system and provided numerous additional customizations such as an online testing module to replace the paper-based testing. The testing module was designed to be taken on Chromebooks which greatly facilitated its adoption in an Academy setting. The testing module also supports useful reports such as missed questions, allowing greatly enhanced feedback to be provided by the Instructor.
  • Los Angeles PD's Case Study
    The implementation of InformaOne as a mission critical application allows LAPD to deliver just-in-time learning in a challenging environment. LAPD required a system that was capable of delivering online learning to over 10,000 sworn Officers. Furthermore LAPD also required a scheduling and rostering system that could be accessed by all the Training Corordinators and that enabled them to submit class rosters for state-required training.
  • Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Case Study
    The Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) provides training and certification for law enforcement officers and related disciplines throughout the State of Maine. When MCJA approached Informa Systems, their current training system was not web-based and exhibited a number of limitations including the inability to automate training processes. This lack of flexibility and inadequacy of their current officer information management were the main drivers for MCJA to upgrade their system to InformaOne.