Read about our succesful implementations
  • Austin PD's Case Study
    Austin Police Department needed a single solution that ensured officers were fully compliant with the complex training requirements mandated both by the organization and the state regulators. Some of the goals were to provide an online learning platform, with media rich content and assessments and ensure compliance by careful tracking and reporting of outcomes.
  • City of Irving's Case Study
    Irving has been using the system for just over 5 years and has created over 100 online courses and delivered over 100,000 online learning events. They have created online and live classroom events, and importantly delivered significant cost savings by migrating many of the training activities to the InformaOne platform. Irving uses a blended learning approach which offers students the benefits of the face-to-face classroom training experience as well as the flexibility and convenience of online courses.
  • Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's Case Study
    By implementing the InformaOne solution, TABC has moved from a paper and email based system – with no audit trail – to a totally managed process-driven solution that provides the ability to track and manage all aspect of the training, audit trail and compliance. Furthermore, the use of online learning has significantly reduced the cost and time involved in delivering learning to distant employees.
  • Los Angeles PD's Case Study
    The implementation of InformaOne as a mission critical application allows LAPD to deliver just-in-time learning in a challenging environment.
  • Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Case Study
    The Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) provides training and certification for law enforcement officers and related disciplines throughout the State of Maine. When MCJA approached Informa Systems, their current training system was not web-based and exhibited a number of limitations including the inability to automate training processes. This lack of flexibility and inadequacy of their current officer information management were the main drivers for MCJA to upgrade their system to InformaOne.